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The Emory Arts &
CultuRE Hub

With The Emory Arts & Culture Hub, we will be intentionally putting forth a new model for redevelopment that we hope will serve as an example for inclusive community and economic growth, potentially influencing more of this type of work in communities across the country. The new facility will feature affordable rental rates while creating culturally relevant spaces shows a meaningful commitment to authentic placemaking that actually benefits the residents living in the neighborhood. We’ll have a home to grow in, to expand and enhance our powerful model of youth programming that centers their experiences and elevates their voices. With our own space, any youth in Kent County can now engage with our amazing team at The Diatribe. Liberation is a seed, we want the garden to grow, and you can help us water what we’ve planted!

The Emory Arts & Culture Hub will benefit the entire community

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Campaign Timeline
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Here’s The Facts (#faxnoprinter)

Since 2014, The Opportunity Insights Project at Harvard University has been studying the impact of neighborhoods on resident outcomes. Key findings include:

  • Rates of upward mobility vary substantially based on where children grow up.
  • Growing up in a higher-mobility area has a causal effect on children’s outcomes in adulthood in proportion to childhood exposure.
  • Currently, low-income families are segregated into lower-opportunity areas.
  • A booming economy does not necessarily lead to increased upward mobility for local children.
  • Within the same neighborhoods, different subgroups have markedly different outcomes.
    Neighborhoods affect children’s outcomes at a very granular level.

Researchers have interpreted these findings to mean that neighborhood-level placemaking can have a significant impact on a variety of outcomes related to overall wellbeing. That is The Emory belongs in the South Side of Grand Rapids – it will play a role in building a neighborhood that provides opportunities for all its residents. Our team is committed to inclusive community and economic development that promotes upward economic mobility for populations who have historically been ignored and marginalized. Our voices matter and we belong here!


The Diatribe is a group of nontraditional teaching artists partnering with schools and prominent organizations in West Michigan empowering students to tackle large societal issues by harnessing the power of radical vulnerability as they share their stories in a rhetorically compelling way.