The Diatribe is a group of nontraditional teaching artists partnering with schools and prominent organizations in West Michigan empowering students to tackle large societal issues by harnessing the power of radical vulnerability as they share their stories in a rhetorically compelling way.

Haiku Thank You

Gifts like this change the
tomorrows for our students
and communities!

Thank you so much for believing in us! We promise to use your gift for good uplifting and empowering the youth and communities that we work with. This makes our reach spread a bit further and our impact more meaningful because we’re not alone in being the change we wish to see in the world, Thank you for being you!
Aaron Rogers Adnoris Torres Adrian Butler Alana Placzkowski Alexander Thibodeau Alexandra Burrel Alexandra DeYoung Alissa Heynen Allie Miller Allison Blair Ally Shook Amahri Howland Amanda Small Amber Erickson Amy Buff Amy + Chuck Heiney Amy Heiney Amy Kerns Andrea Kahn Andrea Lacy Andrew Fisher Angelica Ferrer Anonymous Anonymous Asante Cain Aubrey Pritchard Audrey Cavanaugh Barbara Lash Beca Velazquez-Publes Bethany Lange Bettegail Shively Betty + Mike Roth Bianca Ambriz Bradley Thornburgh Brandi Siggers Brandon Yuenger Brent Tup Brett + Jackie Selleck Brett Selleck Bridget Ferrigan Bryce Huffman Brynne Dika Caitlin Horrocks Carissa Weller Carlago Compton Catie Dreher Cayolyn VandenBerg Cecily Milkie Celeste Hummel Chad + Rebecca Burtless-Creps Charles Johnson Cheri Glisson Cheryl Owens Chinyere Aririguzo Chinyere Aririguzo Cindy Koning Clara Eleonu Conshana Vaughn Cool Dude Ben Dale Hovenkamp Darryl Elmouchi David Crandall Dia Price Dionje Evans Dorothy Burgess E + L Salon Ebony Mattock Elisabeth Hatfield elizabeth o’carroll Emilie Walker Erika VanDyke Erin Crison Erin Schaner FaithLoveCraft Gabrielle Sorge Georgia Dennison Hannah Schroeder Isaac Degraaf Isaac Degraaf Jackson National Life Insurance Company Jaime Van Essen Janelle Gaudet Jen Firlik Jen + Lauren Hess Jenny Brandt Jenny Smith jeremy miller Jessica Zoleta John Preston Jonathan Oeverman Jordan Cross Jose Garza Joshua Usadel Jude Aririguzo Julie Cassidy Justin Gray K Voice Studio Kari Bergman Kateri Johnson Katherine Tyler