Uniting the Youth and Raising Awareness Through Art

I really enjoyed watching them tell their stories of their lives to help inspire people. They also got really deep and vulnerable telling us their story.

– Jason, 7th Grade

I liked that they were so comfortable telling their back stories and then putting it DEEP into their poetry.

– Ellena, 8th Grade

“Pros: It was very good work. They brought a good energy.   Cons: It was kinda sad. It was only one class long (wanted more).”

– Kyle, 7th Grader

I liked that talked about people who inspired them or had pushed them they also talked about the people who were bad influences or had darkened their light but eventually with hard work and perseverance they had shone even brighter than before. I also liked that they were all unique and how they poured their heart and soul into their poetry and how they wrote instead of doing bad things.

– Rachel, 7th Grade

I loved that they told a story when they spoke and they told about there life and that they weren’t afraid to tell us about there story.

– Ethan, 8th Grade