Uniting the Youth and Raising Awareness Through Art

young female poet reciting
young male poet reciting
young female poet reciting

“The 2016-2017 school year will be the fourth year that members of the spoken word collective known as The Diatribe will come into my school program.  They have been such an asset for us.  We are an alternative high school with students who have traditionally struggled.  The who have worked with The Diatribe have grown in self confidence, work ethic, and productivity.  I have watched students grow from attempting to sleep in class on a regular basis to being class leaders.  Some of this is certainly attributable to the emotional growth they have experienced through working with The Diatribe.  My recommendation to any program would be to bring The Diatribe in to work with your students.  They clearly care about my students as individuals and have helped them immensely.”

-Rick, Teacher 

“When I started at 54th street academy 3 years ago, I was going through a lot–I had just gotten expelled 8 months ago. Also 4 months prior was in Pine Rest as an out patient lied my way out saying I was okay then a day or two after I overdosed & went as an inpatient in Forest View. I stopped self harming August 18 2013. When I began school again it was hard for me to do work because I had no energy or desire to be there, I was late every day. The Diatribe started up & had classes every Monday 6th hour I wouldn’t even say much then I kept to myself I also was hardly there because I was always suspended but I started writing & letting my emotions out that way instead of in a destructive matter. I started learning that being happy is a good place in life so I started to work on myself which is always the first step. Yes I still have days where I don’t feel so good about myself & feel down, but doesn’t mean I can’t overcome that. I honestly thank the diatribe for believing in me. Knowing I have worth & are better than some of my actions. This year is my senior year, it’s only so bitter sweet, 3 years ago I wouldn’t even thought I was going to be able to, but I’m doing it & my number one person that keeps me going is my grandfather. The bitter part is this is my last year being in The Diatribe class but I know they’ll always be supportive & will still keep in contact.”

-Brianna, Diatribe Student

Hi, I’m Sara. I’ve always enjoyed writing even as a little kid. But diatribe has changed it for me. It’s not just words on paper anymore. It’s images, sayings, and emotions. Diatribe has helped me in my recovery of depression, anxiety, self harm, and drug abuse. It’s a place that I can feel completely comfortable, not judged, and understood. I was really introverted and scared. They helped me realize that I can help others that are going through what I’ve been through. I can be one of them, I can be the person one looks up to.

-Sara, Kelloggsville Alternative High School 


“It has been a wonderful experience to watch the transformation that the art of poetry has created in my granddaughter, Brianna Darin. She learned through her classes with the Diatribe how to focus her emotional pain into writing about it. This gave her a voice and a way to heal. I deeply appreciate what they do with the students on a personal level and want to support them in whatever ways I can. This work can and will save lives in many ways. I hope they will be able to grow and expand their mission.”

-Deborah, Diatribe Students’ Guardian 

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