In the Classroom

To the best of our abilities, we mean to help students harness and positively express their true selves and make them aware of the issues they face in the real world.

  • Key life skills: as trained public speakers, we recognize the importance of being able to present one’s self in a positive manner. We teach students presentation techniques for business, academic, and social spectrums.
  • Social awareness: We believe the youth hold the means to reform, but only if they are educated and versed in what it is they are reforming.  We educate the students in social issues and the things they face in everyday life; however, we do so in a way that allows them to lead the conversation and formulate their own educated opinions.  Conversely, we recognize the need for our youth to discover the parallels we all share.  We aim to bring awareness to everyday issues that we all face, from suicide awareness discussions, to anti-bullying workshops, to crisis-intervention and beyond. It is important to us to facilitate crucial conversations that bring forth the fact that we all have something important in common and we all have our own stories to tell.
  • Positive self-expression: We know how important it is to be able to express one’s  We teach the students methods and mediums (primarily involving written and spoken word) with which to positively express themselves.  We know that each and every student has a different set of values and issues that are important to them; we can assist in analyzing and voicing those things in a way that has the most beneficial effect possible for their community.