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Our Identites

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Poetry Empowered:
Our Identities is a ten session poetry unit for high schoolers that can be taught online and in-person. Designed to give students a safe space to speak about issues that impact their lives, the content is unique and inspiring and features work by Black, Brown, and LGBTQ artists.
Poetry Empowered: Our Identities includes slide shows, candid videos of The Diatribe teaching artists responding to discussion questions, and step by step instructions/rationale. It meets ELA, Learning for Social Justice, and Michigan Social Emotional standards. It is easy to teach and will have your students engaging in important conversations about issues surrounding identity and culture and writing and sharing their own powerful spoken word poems.
Course Outline:
-How Do You Identify
-Queer Identities
-Editing Day One
-Our Beliefs
-Celebrating Our Identities
-Editing Day Two
-Performance Dynamics
-Final Performance

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