Shawn Moore

Meet Diatribe’s Little Brother with a lot of Heart: Shawn Moore, “Epic Poem Guy”


Shawn Moore is a 25-year-old spoken word poet and youth activist hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He focuses most of his creative energy towards the betterment of the public education system, as well as an anti-suicide activist working alongside anti-suicide coalitions both locally and nationally.  Shawn believes that together, not only can we make this community’s schools a safer place for students, but those students’ minds a safer place as well.  He has featured as a performer at Holland’s Junteenth race unity rally, and, more recently, featured as a guest performer, alongside Diatribe member Rachel Gleason, at the Hope Network’s event Hope’s Heroes which honored the local philanthropic DeVos family.  His work has also been featured twice in The National Celebration of Young Poets.  When he’s not writing, Shawn enjoys spending time with his daughter, playing his ukulele, and singing poorly in the shower.