Rachel Gleason

Meet Diatribe’s Word Smith & Work Horse: Rachel Gleason


Rachel Gleason grew up in Hudsonville, Michigan on a small farm. She attended Hudsonville High School where she was involved in choir as well as the school plays. Today, she is a poet and musician whose poetry is often an interaction between religious symbolism and contemporary observation, woven together with vivid imagery and word play – and is brought to life through her truly original and engrossing performance style, which combines a sharp but understated humor with a charisma born from her early gospel/evangelical influences. She is also a singer/songwriter with a powerful, unique voice. She became a member of The Diatribe in 2013 and is also one of the hosts of a popular Grand Rapids open mic as of 2015. Rachel dabbles in stand-up comedy, can do a pretty accurate impression of Chewbacca, and made her debut as Girl Santa this past Christmas for a very special little girl who just knew Boy Santa couldn’t do it all himself.

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Listen to two beautiful poems from her, including “Pipe Dreams,” here.