Meet Diatribe’s Charismatic Conductor : Marcel ‘Fable’ Price


Marcel ‘Fable’ Price (Fable the Poet) is a 27-year-old biracial, engaging, dynamic, and captivating performer who hails from the Mitten.  As a nationally touring teaching artist, he has been highly noted for his work with the youth, spreading Mental Health Awareness using his own stories to consume the audience and spread a much needed message: “At times, we all feel fragile. A paper boat entertaining the waves of life.”  He is known across the nation for crowd-interactive features that leave those attending enlightened and empowered. Whether he performs with acoustic accompaniment, musical backing, or a live band, you will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster unlike any other you have ever experienced.

Connect with him:

Twitter: @FableisTruth