Meet Diatribe’s Entrepreneurial Engineer: G Foster II a.k.a ‘AutoPilot’


G Foster II, a.k.a AutoPilot, graduated from Muskegon High School in the year 2000 and received the Wade H. McCree academic scholarship. Attending GVSU, he earned a B.A. in Communications in 2008 and has since used his degree to launch multiple Language Art projects and collective artists groups. He is currently engaged in many personal entrepreneurial pursuits. In 2015, G Foster II and his business partner co-founded River Dolphin Productions.



He is also the founder and host of The Original Back to the 90’s Parties. He also founded Auto’s Tee’s and Fits clothing company focused on promoting Grand Rapids and Michigan through creative word-play and design.  G Foster II is the host of a local open mic founded in 2013, based out of Grand Rapids and now has expanded to Detroit, MI.  Aside from entrepreneurial pursuits, G Foster II is a dedicated artist of spoken word poetry, musician, M.C. in hip hop group Gray Theory, and community activist.  Even though he has no kids of his own, it doesn’t stop him from helping the youth and being the change that he wishes to see in the world.