Programs In The Classroom

Programs In The Classroom

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Writing to Right Wrongs

is a nine week program in partnership with the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan. Diatribe teaching artists lead in-class lessons once a week for nine weeks, teaching students about housing discrimination, red-lining, gentrification, and how housing impacts every aspect of life including water quality and education. The Diatribe brings this content to life with engaging videos and class discussions, informing students of their rights and how the Fair Housing Center can be utilized as a resource in their own lives. Incorporating Spoken Word into these lessons, which culminate in a performance for their peers, empowers young people to write, speak, and engage with their communities while exploring these important issues.

Poetry Empowered

is a twelve week in-school (or after school) program that kicks off with a one hour, interactive Deluxe Assembly for the whole school. Thirty interested students are then able to participate in weekly one hour sessions, which meet both Middle and High School ELA standards and touch on social issues including mental health, racial injustice, and LGBTQ rights. Through writing exercises and dissecting poems by current world-renowned poets students learn to apply poetic techniques to their own writing. Free-writing sessions with unique prompts and in-depth feedback on both content and  performance, result in dynamic and powerful spoken word pieces, which students share for their peers in their own assembly at the end of the twelve weeks.

Deluxe Assemblies

bring radical vulnerability, high-energy story telling, and entertainment to the stage for entire school populations. Members of The Diatribe share their stories and poetry, talking about how writing helps them cope with difficult issues and about the value and power of sharing your own voice. After these intimate performances, The Diatribe asks students to take a moment to be open and vulnerable as well. With all eyes closed and heads lowered, a series of situations or struggles are raised and students are encouraged to raise a finger for each one that applies to them. Students then look up at all of the fingers held up and The Diatribe leads a discussion about unity, the importance lifting one another up, and opening the door to conversations about difficult topics. The auditorium or gymnasium or media center is then turned into a concert hall as local hip hop artists and musicians light up the stage. The ultimate goal and the result seen time and time again is that students leave The Diatribe’s Deluxe Assemblies feeling empowered and inspired, and with a new understanding that their voice matters and that someone is listening.

Summer Programming

includes both Beginner and Advanced nine week workshops. Students attend one hour weekly sessions held at The Boys and Girls Club from mid June to early August. Beginner Workshops are for any middle or high school student who has never participated in Diatribe programming and focus on poetic techniques, applying criticism, and performance dynamics. Advanced Workshops are for students who have already participated in a “Writing to Write Wrongs” or “Poetry Empowered” workshop and focus not only on developing and performing great content, but also offer head-shots and teach how to write a bio and create an artist brand. Both “Beginner” and “Advanced” workshops culminate with a community performance at a local venue in August.

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