"Gemini Da Poet Story" Heading

I’m often asked how I “got started” doing poetry. As dope as it would be to have some awesome explanation as to “how it happened”, truth is Gemini DaPoet was created and birthed by pain. For many that may bring you to feel sorry for me, DON’T! It was that pain that awoke what God had designed me to be and helped me discover God’s purpose for me.

Image of A Baby Gemini being fed by mother
Image of Note on refridgerator saying "Call your father"

I never had the chance to know my grandparents on my mother’s side. I was however, blessed to have my father’s parents in my life. When I wasn’t with my dad’s family, I was more than likely with him. So, as you can see coming up life was good, there were some things I wish could have been different, such as my father being more present, but overall, it was good.

Image of gemini and her grandparents in the park
Image of 1996 timeline

Now let’s fast forward to 1996. I became pregnant at the end of my 9th grade year. I hid my pregnancy for 6 months out of fear. . When my family found out they were hurt and disappointed however, they made sure I knew their love for me didn’t change and we would get through it together.

image of Gemini Pregnant

My daughter fell ill and caught what we would learn was whooping cough. She was hospitalized at Mercy and her condition got worse so they decided to transport her to Butterworth hospital in Grand Rapids, Mi. Now mind you, I’m 16yrs old and I’m still a child myself, trying to process everything that was occurring.

1998 heading
Image of Phone off the hook. Text reads We received a call a little after 5am from the nurse at Butterworth Hospital advising us to get over to Grand Rapids ASAP!
Image of doctor

At 17 I was given 2 options: 1. Allow my daughter to be in a vegetable state or 2. Pull the plug. At this moment my heart stopped. I blamed myself for hiding my pregnancy for 6 months; I couldn’t help but feel like this was God’s way of punishing me. After talking it over with my family and praying, even though at that moment I was angry with God, I decided to do the latter. I could not be that selfish. I owed her that much! So, I decided to pull the plug and end my daughter’s pain and suffering.

image of clock saying 4:30

My family, the nurses and Dr.’s who had become family all took turns saying our goodbyes and at 4:30PM my daughter, Imani Nicole Davis, looked me in my eyes and smiled as she took her final breath. It was then that a major part of me unbeknown to many also died.

Summer of Freshman Yeah

At 19yrs old I went to what my family thought was a Dentist appointment but was really me boarding a Greyhound bus and moving to Houston, TX.

The reason behind me leaving was on top of not dealing with 4 back-to-back deaths I was struggling with my sexuality. I boarded a bus with less than $5 in my pocket and headed south. I moved there to be with a girl I knew and had been “dating” for a few months.

Image of Greyhound bus
2003 heading

 I came home. I now know that my family and closest friends had always thought I was gay but was just waiting on me to inform them. Once back home it was like I never left. The fear of not being loved or accepted because I was gay was all for nothing. The only ones who mattered loved me for me. That alone provided a sense of relief for me.

Image of Gemini Coming Home

Shortly after returning I got into a relationship. That relationship lasted 10yrs and honestly it was then that not only did the pain I had suppressed regarding losing my love ones began to take a toll on me but it also caused me to try and love someone that had shown me numerous times they loved what I was to and for them.

Gemini Writing
image of 2010

Around 2010 a childhood friend was killed outside of a nightclub here in Muskegon and I wrote the poem that changed my life and ultimately birthed Gemini DaPoet, What’s Going On. 103.7 The beat somehow got wind of my poem and had me recite it on air and then had me record it so it could be put in rotation.

Gemini on the radio

From that day forward I began using my pain to inspire and speak for those who felt they were facing things alone and no one could relate. So, as you can see the strength I am known to have and resonate was birthed by heartbreak and Pain. These events, depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of self-love, feeling lost and alone though I had family and friends, and tribulation after tribulation lead to…THE BIRTH OF GEMINI DAPOET!

photo of Gemini at protest