The Diatribe’s Marcel ‘Fable’ Price

Portrait of Fable
Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Fable the Poet

Marcel Price, otherwise known as Fable The Poet, in 2016-2019 became the first Poet Laureate of color, the first under 40 years old, and the first without a college degree. However, this is not where his story begins…

Substance Abuse
Physical Abuse
And sexual abuse

His home life growing up was rooted in substance, mental, and physical abuse as well as sexual abuse from his stepfather for much of his childhood. He was diagnosed with anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression at the age of fourteen.

Fable about to punch someone, and then getting in trouble

Fable became a reflection of his violent upbringing in his urban city of Ypsilanti; he enjoyed the fights he would get in, and the satisfaction of hitting a man his own size. These lashings out got him into a lot of trouble as you can probably imagine,

But everything changed for him in the eleventh grade when his English teacher (whose class he was utterly failing) gave him a unique ultimatum. She said “Marcel if you turn in a piece of creative writing EVERY day, I will pass you”.

Fable handing an assignment to his teacher
The teacher tells Fable that Tupac was a poet, and Fable argues

In order to save himself from a failure, he abided. He’d turn in short stories, lyrics to songs and raps, and even essays, every single day.

After several weeks of this, his teacher took notice of his fondness for rap and informed him, “You know, Tupac is a poet.”

Fable didn’t believe this, of course, “Tupac’s a rapper, duh!”

Tupac's poetry book "The Rose That Grew From the Concrete" being handed to Fable
Stars in Fable's eyes as his perspective is changed
He was then astounded to receive Tupac’s book of poetry, “The Rose That Grew From the Concrete.”

His perspective was changed forever and soon he began turning in poems relentlessly.

Fable looking out at his audience
Fable speaking with a positive expression

He found that poetry gave him power over his own story and allowed him to vocalize the hardships he endured without furthering the violence he grew up with, and allowed him to spread this kind of message to anyone enduring or have endured similar struggles as well as spread awareness to those who haven’t.

And this is how Marcel Price became Fable the Poet!