Parent and Guardian Affirmations

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“I didn’t think it was going to be much walking in, but walking out I felt changed, moved, and maybe even refreshed. Not only just their writing, but even them, simply as people seem like such genuine and accepting people and I’m so glad I was blessed with the experience of meeting and hearing them perform.”

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“Thank you so much for coming to share your poems and your stories. Your poems truly moved me and made me really enjoy poetry. I loved how your poems were about current topics that I could relate to, and I’m sure others could relate to as well. I have never been super interested in poetry before. I write a lot of songs on my guitar, but I never did much poetry that wasn’t to music. Now that you came, I am really interested in poetry now. I’m even thinking about maybe doing a teen poetry slam! In a nutshell, I’m so thankful that you came to our school.”

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